Torbolton Community SPIN Farm Project

Torbolton Community SPIN Farm Project 


Draft Plan. 3924 Woodkilton Road, Ottawa ON K0A 3M0

Hank Jones, Coordinator, Friends of Torbolton Institute

The Torbolton Community SPIN Farm Project (TSPIN) has established and operates a one-half acre communal teaching SPIN farm (http://www.spinfarming.com/buy/) located at the six-acre Torbolton Institute, 3924 Woodkilton Road, Ottawa ON K0A 3M0. It enables hands-on learning by growing, for its participating interns. Its food harvests will go to its interns and the surplus to community good works. However, its training and mentoring aims to spawn a rapidly growing network of both  professional SPIN Farms and home/community Gardens across the regional homestead and farm landscape. This network will be comprised of a mix of private, public and commercial growers. Commercial growing is taught through the ‘backyard riches’ http://backyardriches.com. As food sovereignty project, it expects the network to produce quality nutrition year-round sufficient to meet its community’s basic food need.


The Torbolton Community SPIN Farm Project launched in November 2013 with its first Executive Committee meeting, and began planting food crops in Spring 2014.

The Torbolton Community SPIN Farm Project is enabled by its Executive Committee comprised of:

  • Rob Tovell (SPIN Head Farmer)
  • Hank Jones (Friends of Torbolton Institute),
  • Julie McKercher (WOCRC),
  • Roxanne Christensen (SPIN-Farm expert),
  • Marc Desjardins (Torbolton Site)
  • Blair Kilrea (Business Technology)

The Executive Committee will:

  • arrange for continuing site access;
  • promote the project across Canada;
  • obtain initial funding;
  • recruit the project ‘s initial Farm Committee members through regional promotions, public workshops, online social media and otherwise; and
  • provide overall project guidance.

The appointed Farm Committee will:

  • obtain the requisite SPIN-Farm intellectual property;
  • organize itself into Farmers (leaders) and Farmhands (workers);
  • establish the operating organic SPIN Farm and provide for its continuing operation;
  • graduate qualified members;
  • keep its number up;
  • establish its own terms of reference accordingly; and
  • keep the Executive Committee apprised of its needs and actions

carrotsProposed Meeting Dates:. The Exec Comm. meets quarterly or as required. The Farm Committee meets at least once a month, on every third Tuesday.