Torbolton Institute Food Security ‘1000 Ottawa CSAs by 2020’

Each food security project create a another adapted method for improving a household’s continued access to nutritious food through increased self-reliance. Projects in green are already underway.


Thumb_Tack_clip_art_smallTorbolton Forest Farm Project

To implement a 20-100 acre Forest Farm in the West Carleton farmscape, with three equal-sized patches: the nut food forest; the veggie SPIN farm and the berry ecotone. The site will homestead a flock of tilling chickens and more.




Thumb_Tack_clip_art_smallTorbolton SPIN Farm Awareness Project

To implement a publicity project inviting aspiring urban farmers/gardeners to register for the ‘Torbolton SPIN Farmers’ hands-on learning program at the upcoming ‘Torbolton Community SPIN Farm’.awareness

Announcement of first public meeting: 

Thumb_Tack_clip_art_smallTorbolton Community SPIN Farm Project

To implement an onsite half-acre community SPIN farm, with its homemade walk-in produce cooler, to mentor aspiring farmers and home food gardeners in the profitable SPIN farm/garden method. The community SPIN Farm partners with the SPIN Farm Learning Centre (, West Ottawa Community Resource Centre (, and Just Food Ottawa ( as a node in their Community Garden Network (CGN). Its harvests will be given over to community good works.spinfarm

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Thumb_Tack_clip_art_smallTorbolton Seed/Scion Bank

To implement, in collaboration with Seeds of Diversity Canada (, a crop-scale germ bank which will keep heritage seeds and scions of the food plants of the West Ottawa CSA community, for their use.




Thumb_Tack_clip_art_smallTorbolton Greystone Locavore Inseason Fêtes Project

These evening buffets, held the fourth Wednesday of February (winter), June (spring), August (summer) and November (autumn), offer local food chef-cuisined in season.

591822-autumn-cornucopiaSee Information and reservations 813-832-0009

Thumb_Tack_clip_art_smallTorbolton Farmers Market Project

To implement a regular onsite market for local farmers/growers, outdoors in summer, indoors in winter.



Thumb_Tack_clip_art_smallTorbolton Teaching Pollinator Garden Project

To implement a  planted-by-the-building permanent food garden on the Torbolton Institute grounds which will feed pollinators and people alike through the growing season, while also hands-on teaching Canada’s farmers/gardeners how its done.


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Thumb_Tack_clip_art_smallTorbolton Fruit and Nut Project

To implement a mix of about a hundred fruit and edible nuts trees and shrubs to be planted bordering the Torbolton Institute site, teaching their propagation, planting, pruning, harvesting and grafting.



Thumb_Tack_clip_art_smallTorbolton Berry Patch Project

A mix of various kinds of cane and ground berries will be planted on the Torbolton Institute site over the Geothermal Ground Heat Exchanger bed, while teaching their planting, pruning, propagating and harvesting to its caretakers.


Thumb_Tack_clip_art_smallTorbolton Nut Processing Workshop Project

To iplement an onsite workshop facility equipped to process locally grown nut crop harvests which will teach nut crop harvesting, processing, storage and use.


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Thumb_Tack_clip_art_smallTorbolton Potting/Grafting Shelter Project

To implement an economical steel-frame fabric shelter onsite to house and teach potting and grafting.


See for an example of such a building.

Thumb_Tack_clip_art_smallTorbolton Pit Greenhouse Project

To implement an onsite year-round, in-ground SPIN food greenhouse producing greens for the Torbolton Institute onsite farmers market , and teaching its methods to its volunteer operators.



Thumb_Tack_clip_art_smallTorbolton Nutling Growbox Project

To implement a program of deploying in the region DIY cheap rodent-proof reusable outdoors germinating box designed for germinating edible tree nuts whose nutlings are destined for out-planting at age two years. The 3’ by 5’ Nutling Growbox accommodates about 100 nuts. Teaching schools and families how to grow their own edible nut trees.



Thumb_Tack_clip_art_smallTorbolton Aquaponics Project

To build and operate a year-round greenhouse shelter growing aquacultured food fish and hydroponic greens through water cycling, compost heating, and natural lighting; teaching, recruiting homesteads, demonstrating and producing food.



Thumb_Tack_clip_art_smallTorbolton Sandwich Shoppe Project

To build and operate a glass 4-season cafe outward extension of the gym kitchenette, to serve hot/cold locavore drinks and sandwiches made from the TI’s own aquaponics production.