Torbolton Institute Energy Security ‘Green Energy LEED-EB’

Each energy security project create a another adapted method for improving a household’s continued access to usable energy, through increased self-reliance. Projects in green are already underway.

Thumb_Tack_clip_art_smallTorbolton Ground Source Geothermal Heat/Cool Project

To install a ground-source geothermal system to heat/cool the building, installation to be completed in 2014.


Thumb_Tack_clip_art_smallTorbolton Homestead Wind Turbine Electricity Project

To install small-scale wind turbines (e.g. Energy Ball V100) on site to generate local power while demonstrating and teaching their homestead installation and maintenance.

Graham Findlay to be consulted:

Thumb_Tack_clip_art_smallTorbolton O-Train Woodlawn Station Project

To have the O-Train traveling to the Woodlawn track to a Woodlawn Station with Commuter Park & Ride, and to journey day trippers to/from the Torbolton Institute.

Thumb_Tack_clip_art_smallTorbolton Building Insulation Project

To improve the building’s foundation insulation.

Thumb_Tack_clip_art_smallTorbolton Light  Pipes Natural lighting Project

To install skylights, light pipes and wall conservatories on the TI building in order to triple interior natural lighting.

Thumb_Tack_clip_art_smallTorbolton Roof-Based Feed-in-Tariff Photovoltaics Project

To install 300+ PV panels on the roof under the OPG’s FIT program, to earn the building’s upkeep.

Thumb_Tack_clip_art_smallTorbolton Solar Cooker Project

To build and operate a selection of onsite-made solar powered cooker for special events and to teach hometead construction and use.


Thumb_Tack_clip_art_smallTorbolton Solar Food Dryer Project

To build and operate a selection of  onsite-made solar powered food dryers for preserving onsite produce, and to teach homestead construction and use.