Torbolton Institute Culture Security  ‘Culture Hub 2020’

Each culture security project creates another adapted method for improving a household’s continued access to education through increased self-reliance. Projects in green are already underway.

Thumb_Tack_clip_art_smallTorbolton Smart Growth Rideshare Project

To implement and operate an online ride-sharing service ferrying people in the region to and from the Torbolton Institute



Thumb_Tack_clip_art_smallTorbolton NGO Adaptation Hub Project

To promote the Torbolton Institute as a hub for events that advance adaptations meeting the challenges of 21st century living, in the face of food insecurity, climate adversity, extreme weather, peak oil and syndemic threat

Thumb_Tack_clip_art_smallTorbolton Fine Arts Gallery Project

To provide a permanent home for the regional fine arts community in the form an  onsite art gallery store and school housed in the Torbolton Institute

Thumb_Tack_clip_art_smallTorbolton Web Sales Project

To install onsite WiFi and connect server software to deliver user operated interactive facilities rental and point-of-sale services for users and tenants of the Institute.

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Thumb_Tack_clip_art_smallTorbolton Crafts Gallery Project

To establish a permanent artisans’ store/gallery selling their crafts and a mud oven site.


Thumb_Tack_clip_art_smallTorbolton Carleton Bridging Project

Run jointly by Carleton University and the Torbolton Institute, it will enable adults to qualify for university admission and advanced educational success.


Thumb_Tack_clip_art_smallTorbolton Flipped Classroom Project

Home-schooled K12 students experience the classroom twice a week to reinforce their new knowledge with subject matters experts; new graduated university student tutoring in the subject of expertise.

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Thumb_Tack_clip_art_smallTorbolton Fitness Studio Project

To implement a ‘Y Outpost’ by partnering with the Y; equipping the gym with badminton, tennis and volley ball nets, ping pong tables (encouraging leagues to form) and commercial fitness machines ; offering Y-led general and special fitness classes.

See fitnessprogramYMCA.cwk and Village Fitness Studio folder

Thumb_Tack_clip_art_smallTorbolton Heritage Museum Project

To establish and operate a museum room displaying artifacts information from the earliest times.

Thumb_Tack_clip_art_smallTorbolton Flea Market Project

To establish and operate a flea market operating in concert with the Farmers Market.

Thumb_Tack_clip_art_smallTorbolton Practitioner Therapies Project

To establish a facility for nurse practitioners to offer their services onsite.

Thumb_Tack_clip_art_smallTorbolton Mobility Project

To establish mobility park tutoring urban cane/walker/wheelschair obstacle avoidance

Thumb_Tack_clip_art_smallTorbolton Day Trips Project

To implement and operate a two way day tripping excursion at the TI bringing downtowners to a day in the country, while ruralites get a day downtown

Thumb_Tack_clip_art_smallTorbolton Performing Arts Project

To provide a site for performing arts activities as classes and performances, including circuses.

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Thumb_Tack_clip_art_smallTorbolton Field Soccer Project

To make the soccer field available to local soccer organizations and for outside uses such as fairs, from time to time.