The Torbolton InstituteDSCN0063
Growing self-reliance, one community at a time.

Canada’s not-for-profit Torbolton Institute, located in rural west Ottawa, Canada’s capital city, embedded in farms, forest and river, is a testbed for future household sustainable ways-of-life. We hope for the best, but plan for the worst.  We think globally, but act locally.

Torbolton Community SPIN Farm Project

We are sited in an upgraded public school of 17000 sq ft on six rural acres. We have the feel of a village.

Our mission is to see Canadian households continue to thrive in spite of any environmental and economic adversity that might come their way. We regard households opening to self reliance as step one.

IMG_0011aWe are a local testbed for innovative ways-of-life for Canadian households, finding those that assure continued secure food, energy, environment and culture for the foreseeable future, and promulgating our findings.

We work by projects, under four programs: security for food; security for biodiversity; security for energy and security for culture.


Each program’s project achieves its own particular way-of-life application that can be adopted by households.

Under ‘Projects’, learn what we are developing and testing, and how you might participate and benefit.

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